About Us

Our Philosophy

Using the power of food we want to inspire and motivate you to transform your life. We believe that food has the power to reverse chronic disease. Our goal is to teach you how to nourish your body so that you can understand what it is telling you. Food is information not just calories. What we eat determines what we are telling our genes and cells how to express them. We help you to start making the connection between what we eat and how we feel.

We believe all aspects of health are important, and take great pride in helping you achieve success in every area of your life .Rather than using a one-sized fits all approach, we will thoroughly determine your needs and provide customized meal plans supported by up-to-date scientific research with a functional approach to healing the body and sustain wellness.

Just like what Hippocrates said

“We believe that food is medicine and medicine should be your food”

About Us

“Empowering people to take control of their health, and transform their body towards a better and healthier life.”

My Nutrition My Life™ strives to enhance the well-being of all individuals by educating them in the areas of nutrition, physical activity and behavior modification. We are dedicated to inspire and help one adopt a healthier way to live, through customized weight loss and wellness programs.

An Integrated Approach

My Nutrition My Life™ offers an integrated approach that combines smarter eating, healthier habits, exercise and a supportive environment for optimal nutrition.

Our Founder 
Ms. Kamalini Mukerjee, a Registered Dietitian provides medical nutrition therapy for all nutrition- related diseases. She specializes in counseling for all chronic disease conditions including those for kids, and pregnant and geriatric patients.

Reclaim Your Body, Reclaim Your Life!